This whole story has been unconventional so far but believe me when I say that we are not complaining. T-Mobile’s yet again (inadvertently or otherwise) outed their forthcoming myTouch devices. Both are believed to be made by LG with one poised to be an all-touch slate while the other will have a hardware QWERTY.
The MyTouch Q is the one with that keyboard. It’s said to have 4G radios and has a 1500mAh battery. The MyTouch.. er, Touch, is also pictured here in black. It will reportedly have a 1GHz processor and a 5 megapixel camera, though nothing else is known at this time.
Specs listed for both devices are to be taken lightly, though, as T-Mobile probably hasn’t finished filling these pages out to reflect the unique features of each device. We’re only wondering why T-Mobile can’t “leak” every device in this manner. After quite a few slips we can’t imagine they don’t care about secrecy. Check out the pages here and here. [via TmoNews]


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