New Nexus 7 Receives Two Updates


New Nexus 7 device has received two new updates. basically these updates appears to be the final tweaks to the tablet which Google might have missed. Particularly, not any major things have changed after update despite the build number.

 new nexus 7 software update

Users who bought the New Nexus 7 or Nexus 7 2013 version of the tab receives its first update while booting for the first time when connected to wifi. It changes the build number to JWR66N.

Second one send out notification and then asks if you want to download it or not. It also changes the build number to JSS15J.

It seems to be minor updates, most likely containing some system fine-tuning and bug fixes.

Well if you guys want to buy it then head over here to buy unless it goes out of stock. Now we are waiting for Moto X!! What you say? Did you received the update on New Nexus 7?

Source: AndroidCentral