New Nexus App Launcher leaks with detailed Screenshots

Nexus Launcher

The new Nexus App Launcher leaks online with detailed screenshots and wallpaper. It is supposed to be used in new Nexus Marlin and Sailfish handsets. Although we don’t know much about these smartphones other than their name.

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The screenshots of new nexus app launcher reflects the final release. Although the Android Police is saying that they have got the information form some reliable sources.But still these are rumours and it can have some changes when New Nexus devices and Android 7.0 Naugat will be launched.

Nexus LauncherIn these screenshots it is shown that there is no longer a Google Search bar on the Home Screen. It’s just having the “G” icon on the left side tapping on it initiates the familiar Google search bar that currently rides across Google Now launchers. The second important thing is the lack of an app drawer icon. This is because the app drawer is being given a real drawer action. In order to access your apps, you’ll need to pull up on the lower dock of the launcher, revealing your entire app drawer.

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However, in the settings it looks the old settings, But we can get some changes in it by the time of New Nexus devices and Android 7.0 Naugat will be released by Google.


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