Already we have many rumors about the upcoming Nexus devices and here we have few more leaks. In a A detailed changelog for Android 4.4.3, a.k.a. KitKat Maintenance Release 2 there seems to be the utterance of some new Nexus devices. These devices are named as HTC ‘Flounder’ And Google’s ‘Molly’.


In detail if we compare these two new leaked devices to old rumors than HTC ‘Flounder’ seems to be HTC powered nexus tablet along with the Google’s ‘Molly’ Android powered TV. Nexus devices — both phones and tablets — have used fish-related codenames in the past, so “Flounder” would fit the pattern that’s been established over the past few years. Currently we can assume only as there’s nothing more present here.

Google IO 2014 conference is coming up next month. If the above names are real than we won’t have to wait for so long. So  we can wait for some official announcements rather than believing in the leaks and rumors we are getting.

Source: AOSP



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