New Nexus Marlin/Sailfish Photo leaks 

Google Android Nexus Marlin

Google is going to announce it’s new Nexus devices in some next few months. As per the rumors, this time, Google is coming with two Nexus devices, Marlin and Sailfish. Today we have got a new pic of the Marlin/Sailfish. Source have not specified about whether the device is Marlin or Sailfish, as both the devices are similar to each other.


This is the second photo of a “2016 HTC Nexus” shared by @usbf on Twitter, giving us a look at the side and back of the phone from a slightly different angle. The new photo clearly shows that the glass portion does not extend past the middle of the device.

So, we have got to know that Google has embedded a Glass Panel instead of the Metal phone, which was expected earlier.

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