galaxy note 7 china

There’s a new report coming from China where a man living in Guangzhou State of China claimed that “new” Note 7 has catched fire. He further explained that in just 24 hours after the phone’s delivery it has damaged due to fire.

galaxy note 7 chinaThis incident led to damage of his fingers and Macbook. Today Korean Giant gave statement:

We are currently contacting the customer and will conduct a thorough examination of the device in question once we receive it,” the Korean company said in an e-mailed statement.

After receiving product from, Note 7 exploded in just 24 hours. To review the situation, Officer from Samsung visited Hui to review the situation and to check how it happened. Later, “Hui declined the help from Samsung and went to make this public.”

Now we have some questions in mind. Whether Samsung Note 7 still safe or not after getting repaired from Samsung? What do you think, share your views via comment box below.



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