Smartwatches still cannot measure blood pressure, but it will be changed in near future. Because, new Samsung patent leak suggests that their future smartwatches could measure blood pressure. And it will be possible due to a light sensor similar to the one used for heart rate.

According to the patent, users will have to wear the smartwatch tightly around their wrist to measure blood pressure. In case you do not know, even for measuring heart rate one has to wear the device tightly. And as mentioned earlier, the blood pressure sensor will work similar to the heart rate sensor. The polarized light first hits the body and when it scatters, its intensity is measured to calculate the blood pressure.

Further, the prototype smartwatch shown in the figures is named as Samsung Gear X which however will not be the final name of the product. Thus, the device in the sketches is only meant for illustration purpose. Anyways, take this leak with a grain of salt for now, but the technology is sure possible and we cannot say for sure that it will debut with the next smartwatch from Samsung.

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