Google Play store is one stop shop for getting apps on your Android devices. This makes the Play Store a very important part of Android ecosystem as it is not only safe but also looks into the authenticity of apps. As we all know apps are an easy way for unwanted viruses to enter your device.

This is one reason why updating the app with new features and security enhancements is a must for Google. And well, Google does work on it by providing regular new updates to the app.

Now again a new software of Google Play Store is available to download. It is the version 9.0.15. Well, but the update is not over the air. That means it won’t directly update the store with new features.

The update is available in the software format which needs to be downloaded in the form of APK file. Earlier version of the store was 8 and has made a big jump to version 9. Thus, gives us an idea that the new update has bought many new features.

The update is the beta one and once it is stable it will be available in OTA form.

Here we are sharing the link Download Play store apk (9.0.15)

Well, once you download it and install, do comment below about the newly added features.

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