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Whatsapp employs best in class 256-bit E2E encryption technique and other security measurements to keep the privacy of its billions of users, intact and safe. But, does that mean the Whatsapp and its servers are free from any flaws or security breaches? Perhaps no, at least that’s what the newly popped up bug points us.

As per wabetainfo, multiple users from both Android and iOS platform are encountering an issue such that their already blocked contacts are behaving as such that they were all unblocked automatically. In effect, the blacklisted users are able to not only chat with them but also can see the effected parties profile pic, stories and what not? Seems like a server side catastrophe since users across different platforms have reported the same issue.

Whatsapp is yet to comment or acknowledge the issue which as now is unclear and not sure whether every users are effected. However, the issue seems to be widespread among those users who have updated the WhatsApp to the latest available version. If you are one among the affected parties, an easy workaround supposed to be effective for the instance is to just unblock the contact for a while and block them again.

That said, let’s hope that Whatsapp will come up with a patch soon rather than later. What you guys have to say about this new Whatsapp bug? Pen down your views on the comment section below.


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