The Google I/O has been giving out some pretty interesting information about Android so far. And looks like they have a lot more in store.After revealing details about the Android L, Google vice-president Sundar Pichai, in an interview with Business Week has confirmed that a major Android unveiling is due at the Google I/O this summer. But dont get too excited yet. All you’ll get to see at the ongoing Google I/O is just a teaser of the major Android update.


This move reportedly comes as Pichai’s move to make Google more transparent to the Masses. He wants to let the people see what they are upto.

Not only has this announcement had Android geeks excited, HTC fans have a reason to rejoice too. With this announcement, rumors about HTC planning to bring out an 8.9″ tablet have been sparked further. This new tablet from HTC could be the launching platform for the new Android version.

Features of Android L:

  • Re-envisioned the lock screen – to incorporate more of the notifications
  • Ability to automatically unlock the device when a trusted wearable is nearby
  • The Material Design language – improves the overall experience, such as overlapping cards to represent open Chrome tabs
  • A new keyboard design.
  • ART runtime engine instead of Dalvik
  • Android Extension Pack – to improve graphics performance
  • Project Volta – Android L adds its own Battery Saver tool, to help extend the life of a battery when it reaches critical levels.
  • More Secure and malware protection 


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