Nexus 5 And Android Kitkat Coming On 24th? Google Sends Out Invites But..


Its confirmed, Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 is going to get announced on 24th as Google Sends out invites for ” a nightout with Google Play” event. It will be pretty good as Google is going to announce something new in Play Services also.


[Update]: According to sources they have received a tip that Google is not going to launch any hardware in that event which means no Nexus 5 or Asus Nexus 10?

After all the reports and rumors we can now officially confirm that October 24th Google will announce its new mobile OS and the Nexus 5 smartphone . The event is being held in New York City at 7 pm, which is a pretty strange time for Google, usually their events are in the morning or around noon.

But again, all we can say for certain is this event will be focused on Google Play. While we hope this not be the case, it could have nothing to do with Nexus or KitKat.

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