Nexus 6 Leaks Again In The Wild


Amid of the specs and availability rumors of the upcoming Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. Today, we have Image leak of the Nexus 6 and it is for the second time in a week that Nexus 6 picture has been leaked. It is expected that Google will come with two Nexus devices named as Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.


As per the earlier leaks, it is said that Google will come up with premium look Nexus devices and even it will be different and better than then the past ones. Now, Once again Nexus 6 has been spotted for the second time this week. The new picture of the device gives us a different look from the old Nexus devices. Nexus 6 aka Shamu has not been leaked for the first time but the image is much clear this time.

Nexus 6 is expected to come on November 1st along with the Android L on board and it seems that Google has partnered with Motorola for the Nexus 6 (as per the design and earlier leaks).

So are you excited for Nexus 6? How many of you are waiting for this device?

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