News about a new Nexus tablet from Google have been around some time now. Sources are expecting the tablet to be out this fall along Android L. We earlier had news about the 8.9″ Volantis which was rumored to be the Nexus 8 or Nexus 9 tablet. But a recently leaked piece of import documents from Zauba. According to the piece of document, a “NEXUS8 PROTOTYPE” has landed in India on June 30th. The document also claims it is “SIMILAR TO NEXUS 7”.

Nexus 8 prototype

We have been hearing news about an upcoming Nexus 8 tablet and this documents firms our belief but dont get too excited yet. The document mentions a ‘prototype’ which means that the tablet mentioned in the docs may never see light and that Google may already be working on a different model. Whatever it maybe, you can sure expect a new Nexus tablet to be out soon.


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