Nexus ‘Marlin’ Arrives at AnTuTu, Specs Confirmed


Here’s one more Nexus ‘Marlin’ Leak, this time we have caught ‘Marlin’ red handed over the AnTuTu Benchmark. Yesterday, we received some leaked pictures of Marlin from a famous tipster.

marlin antutuToday, as per the AnTuTu Benchmark, Google’s Marlin is going to be powered by¬†Snapdragon 820 with 4GB of RAM and 32GB storage. Further, we got to know that it is a bigger version of both the Nexus devices at 5.5 inch, that’s too a QHD display which can accommodate more than 1080p pixels rendering on your device.

You can also check the image above to know more about the device. Also, don’t forget to check the Google Nexus devices 2016 rumors and leaks for in depth information about the devices.


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