When it comes to leaked information about Android devices, the name Nexus (or Nexus Prime in this case) ranks up there with ravenous hoards of Android-based automatons bent on the destruction of the human race – and Nexus isn’t going to kill you, so that’s saying something! What we’ve got today is another leak of information from Samsung on their upcoming device very likely called the Nexus Prime. What this magical mystical future device is said to be holding is the first and most vanilla flavored Ice Cream Sandwich of them all, and today Samsung has been discovered to be hosting a webpage that all but confirms the handset’s existence.

It is at /uaprof/NexusPrime.xml in Samsung Mobile’s webpage guts that you can for yourself see the clues as they present themselves plainly. We can now be pretty sure that not only is Samsung preparing to deliver a device by the name of Nexus Prime, but we can see that this device, codenamed GT-I9250, will have what can only be described as a surprisingly tiny 480 x 800 pixel WVGA resolution display. While this does seem to present itself as a devastatingly small specification for a display on a device that’s set to hold the next big generation of Android mobile OS, it is possible that Samsung placed such a number in the code to throw publishers like us off the trail. Sneaky of them!
This device is more than likely set to be released inside 2011, with another factoid presenting itself in the form of a camera spec allowing us an additional clue as to the true innards of the device. What we can see here is the MMS Max Image Resolution set at 1200 x 1600 pixels. Will this MMS, often also the main camera’s resolution numbers as well, be what we can expect from the camera itself, or is Samsung setting us up for a fooling once again?
Then there’s a quite separate account of Ice Cream Sandwich we’ve got to pay attention to, this one being spoken, perhaps mistakenly so though I doubt it, by none other than Eric Schmidt at this year’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco:

“We have a new operating system, internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason, which is being released in October/November, which everyone’s really excited about.” – Schmidt

Check that spoken aloud in the video below at about halfway through:

Finally, and this is a bit off topic, there’s an image floating around these Android internets that you’ve likely seen before, this being a vector-illustrated Transformer set inside the Nexus X logo, as seen below. I’d like here to let you know who made this image so you can revel in his awesome works: head to the online portfolio of ~nviii~Surberus to not only get a large-sized image of the bot, but a wallpaper of it as well. Win!

[via SlashGear]


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