Nexus Sailfish

Upcoming devices are not a well kept secret and when they are the famous Nexus devices, they can’t stay away from shutterbugs for long. While we have had our fair share of leaked photos of the upcoming Nexus Sailfish & Nexus Marlin, we now have more info about the devices: this time about their price tags.

Nexus Sailfish

Rumor has it that the Nexus Sailfish will retail for a price of $450. As compared to the $380 inaugural price tag of the Nexus 5X is considerably higher. The Sailfish comes with a 5″ 1080p display, 13/8 MP camera combination, Snapdragon 820 chipset and 32GB of storage.

For its elder sibling, the Nexus Marlin, the price tag is speculated to be $600. It will have a 5.5″ QHD display, all other specs remaining the same as the Sailfish. In comparison, the Nexus 6P retailed for $600 when it was launched.

The devices will be on our way probably a month for now. We will only get to know about official price tags after launch.



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