Nexus Tablet by Asus coming in May for $200 – $250


According to Folks over at Digitimes, Google is coming up with their Nexus Tablet manufactured by Asus in May for $200 – $250. It would supposedly be the first with the Google Play Store preloaded, although the unified Android Market sequel doesn’t need any special support to work. 

Google plans to commission a Nexus tablet. If you’ll recall, the rumors got started from a statement by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, who vaguely alluded to “a tablet of the highest quality” some time in 2012. Add to that the fact that DigiTimes sends out a lot of info from the supplier side of the hardware world, and their tunnel vision is wrong about half the time.

ASUS has a lot to gain from the joint venture as they will learn how to develop solid software firsthand from the boys at Google, and how to incorporate it better into their hardware.

Source: Digitimes


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