Nimbuzz has updated its Android application with push notifications, allowing users to keep up with their buddies even when Nimbuzz isn’t running. And that’s just one of the benefits users get with this feature — the phone’s battery will also last longer as the application won’t be pinging Nimbuzz’s servers all the time.
The new message delivery notifications will display 1 check mark when your message was successfully delivered to the Nimbuzz servers, and 2 check marks when your message was successfully delivered to the person you are chatting with (though that doesn’t mean that the other person actually read your message).
To enable push notification, go to “Settings” -> “Notifications” -> “Enable,” and you’re done. :)
Finally, the new 2.0.8 version comes also with a little feature called “Synchronize with device” which once started will show all of your Nimbuzz friends in the phone’s contact list and enable you to start a chat or a call a person from there…
Nimbuzz (FREE) [Android Market link]


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