Nintendo to push an update for Super Mario Run on September 29

The update promises to bring a new world, new mode, new playable character, and 50% offer for the full version.


Nintendo, in last December brought back the good-old vibes of the sensational Super Mario game by launching Super Mario Run for iOS platform. In fact, the game proved to be instantly hit among the iOS users. And, later the game was made available for Android users as well on this March. Unfortunately, as the couple of months passed away, the games novelty slowly worn off. As its result, the Super Mario Run failed to engage the gamers into it.

Anyway, the game developer – Nintendo, yesterday took itself to the Twitter and announced an update for the Super Mario Run game to happen on September 29. By seeding this update, Nintendo hopes to replenish the lost glory of the game. Most probably, the update could beĀ available for both iOS and Android.

What all we can expect?

The September 29th update promises to bring an new life to the game. According to Nintendo – With the update, oneĀ can play as Daisy. Incorporated a new world (World Star) with new gameplay elements. Also, a Remix 10 game mode that randomizes parts of 10 levels for a unique and varying experiences, adds spices to the game. Moreover, the gamers can customize and replace the default Super Mario tune to their preferred music.

Most notably, Nintendo is offering a 50% discount for unlocking the full gameplay. Thus ought to grab at least some of the user’s attention. However, the deal can be availed only between September 29-October 12.

Despite of all these effort from Nintendo to re-ignite the gamers interest, it’s to be seen how well it can do the magic. So friends, what you have to say about the new progress of the iconic Super Mario Run game. Let us know about your views on the comment section below.


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