No Droid Charge sales til 4G LTE Outage is fixed


Uh Oh, I smell a little trouble for all you Droid Charge fans that were planning on buying or getting the Droid Charge tomorrow.

According to some news from an official Verizon spokeperson, it looks like unless this issue is resolved they wont be selling the Droid Charge, and people that are getting it delivered wont be able to activate their devices. This is what she had to say, courtesy of thedroidguy:
· 4G LTE Smartphones will still be able to make calls.
· Customers are temporarily unable to activate any 4G LTE devices.
· Please note: Customers may experience a 1XRTT data connection during this time.
· We expect to see the network restored on a market-by-market basis. Timing and additional details will be provided as they become available.
If we read that right customers are going to be unable to activate ANY 4G LTE Devices. So if you were planning on getting the Droid Charge, or the Thunderbolt you may be out of luck until further notice, or until they get this network up and running again. For now this is just an outage and Verizon has already said they have found and are working on a fix. So things may be back to normal tomorrow, but we wont know until we start to see the network back in full.
[via TheDroidGuy]

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