Nokia 6 2018 Reportedly passed through TENNA in China


Earlier there was a confusion regarding the new leaks in China that TA-1054 is not about Nokia 9 , It is for Nokia 6 2018. Recently, TA-1054 i.e Nokia 6 2018 has been seen over Tenna in China. Now this means that it has passed through the TENNA. Though there isn’t any pictures or detailed specs of the device.

But regarding the specs we get a little information. The certification reveals that device will be a dual sim one. It will be packed with 5.5 inch with 18:9 aspect ratio display and it will have very thin bezels. The device Nokia 6 2018 will have a design like Nokia 7.

The buttons over the device will now be on-screen ones. Regarding the camera the data reports that it will be a dual lens camera or the dual sight(Bothie feature) one. Nokia 6 2018 might be powered with Snapdragon 630 which pairs with 4GB RAM and internal memory of 32GB. The device will also have a fingerprint sensor.

Well, these are just rumored specs it might get changed as time will progress and more leaks came out. To be sure we need to wait until the device is launched.


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