Nokia 8 Oreo update imminent probably by October-end


If someone ask you the reason behind fall of the great Nokia some years ago, what would you say? Of course, you(most of us) might end up it just by uttering a single word – Android. Now, here in 2017, Nokia┬áhas returned with the same Android that caused its exit years ago, but as a greatest strength.

Moreover, the HMD owned company is keen to exploit the everything that Android has to offer. Because, looks like Nokia might be the fastest vendor to feed the latest Android Oreo update to its devices. After all, the latest reports strongly suggests the possible roll-out of Android Oreo 8.0 for Nokia 8 by the end of October.

Earlier, HMD had made clear that, all of the Android powered device launched by the company will be updated to Android Oreo. Unfortunately, when it’s gonna hit the Nokia phones was however not mentioned. But, if the report is to be believed, we could expect the Android Oreo roll-out to happen on next month.

Nokia 8

Meanwhile, there are already certain evidences of Nokia 8 receiving Oreo update, at least for some of the users. Interestingly, Nokia 8 Oreo firmware was made available for download by various sources as well. In fact, all these above mentioned things are clear indications that, official stable Oreo roll-out for Nokia 8 is in pipeline.


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