Nokia 6 2018 Black

We could crown the Nokia 8 as the lucky device to get two major updates within mere four months of its release. The second major update which is now rolling out to the Nokia 8 users comes in the form of Android Oreo 8.1. In deed, the first device, to get the latest Oreo edition, which is neither a Google product nor an Android One initiative smartphone.

Juho Sarvikas, the CEO of HMD Global has officially confirmed the roll-out through its Twitter account. Well, it’s not a new thing as he used to provide a proper announcements ahead of any notable update hitting the Nokia line-up. Well his tweet were followed by many users posting the screenshot of update notification seen on their Nokia 8. One such screenshot, as you can see, is provided above.

Speaking of the update, it weighs in at bulky 1.5GB in file size. Once downloaded and installed, the Nokia 8 would be running on latest Android Oreo 8.1 secured by this month’s SMR dated as 1st February 2018. Since, 8.1th version of Android is just a minor upgradation from the Oreo 8.0, users might not be seeing any major UI changes or new features after the update. However, as per the changelog HMD had incorporated a slight visual changes. Such as a revamped power button and new settings menu.

It goes without saying that, Nokia 8 won’t support Project Treble even after this update. The seemingly plausible reasons for that have been already given by Juho Survikas when the device first got Android Oreo 8.0 update couple of months ago. Nevertheless, if the updates for the device continue as such in a timely manner. The lack of Project Treble will be something that majority of the users will never mind.



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