nokia 9 display panel leaks

In a recent leak about the Nokia 9 and Nokia X7, their display panels have been leaked touting its notch-less screen. It’s not for the first time that Nokia 9 and Nokia X7 is leaking, there are several rumors and leaks that have already spilled some beans about its design, specs and pricing. The latest picture from IThome depicts the display panel of the device, showcasing its notch-less screens.

nokia 9 display panel leaks

Nokia 9 display panel

As like of all the new devices that are launching in the market. Nokia is also following the same trend of less body and more display design. Nokia 9 which is already leaked with the penta camera is once again here with its slim bezels. The display panel leaked above showcases the equal sized top and bottom bezels with slim side bezels. There’s also space for the front camera with some sensores on the top-left-hand side of the device display.

Nokia X7 display panel

nokia x7 display panel leaks

The new Nokia X7 leaks hints about some of its features, like the front camera and display information. It also sports same slim sized bezels on the sides while having little big and equal bezels on the top and bottom of the device.

Nokia 9 Specs

As per the old rumors and leaks, it is suggested that Nokia 9 will carry Snadpragon 845 and 128GB of internal storage. Further there would be a 4150 mAh battery and will carry fash charging tech without headphone jack. The display of the device would be enough tall that it will generate an aspect ratio of 18:9. There is also a report of penta camera module on teh backside of the device. It is expected to carry in-screenginferprint scanner.

Nokia X7 Specs

Nokia X6’s successor, Nokia X7 will carry notch-less screen and will carry same display design as like of its predecessor. Further, there would be a display having an aspect ratio of 18:9. It is speculated that Nokia X7 will carry Snapdragon 710 with little lesser price than the high-end Nokia 9.


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