Norton, peddlers of all things software security related, already has an established presence on the Android platform with its Mobile Security app, already available in the Android Market. Like always the company is looking to expand its offerings, and the latest comes in Norton Tablet Security, set to release soon for $39.99, recurring every year. Though it’s marketed as a tablet app, Tablet Security will work on all Android 2.2 Froyo devices and later.

Features include standard malware and virus scans, as well as a web filter that identifies malicious sites – both pretty similar to Norton’s desktop offerings. The web protection breaks any connection to a malicious website as soon as it’s initiated, essentially working as a firewall. Also included is a Lojack-style location tracker, which allows you to find your tablet via a web map if it’s lost or stolen. You can also secretly snap a photo via the front or rear cameras – the better to pass along to the police. A remote lock can keep others out of your personal data, and a “device lost” message can be display for those of a more civic-minded disposition.
Strangely, it looks like Norton Tablet Security won’t be offered in the Android Market. That may be because of the recurring yearly payment – I don’t know if Google has set up that kind of system just yet. Norton says that the software will be available from “select US and regional retailers”, so perhaps it’ll utilize a PC installation method.
[via PC Mag]


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