Now you can set reminders on Google Home


Finally, the most awaited feature of Google Home is now officially live to all of the users. The subsidiary of Alphabet – Google has now added support for setting reminders on its smart speaker. The happy news was out through an official post by Google on the Google Home Support forum.

With the several “time-based reminders” capability handed over to the Google Home. Now onwards, users can set different types of reminders. So that they won’t forget any of the key actions to be done in future.

Types of time based reminders that can be feeded to the Home includes:

  •  Normal or Specific time-based reminders: These type of reminders are specific for a time and the reminding is only needed once. For eg: Remind me to message Alexander this Monday at evening.
  • Recurring time-based reminders : Any daily routine reminders such as, “Remind me to take my medicine every day at 8pm“.
  • Enquiry about upcoming reminders and manage(delete/modify) them: Google Home provides you with the details of already scheduled reminders. For that just enunciate, “What are my reminders for tomorrow?” and if you want to delete them, say – “Delete my reminders for tomorrow“.

As you can see, as of now only time-based reminders are supported. However, Google has promised to bring location-based reminders as well soon rather than later. In addition few below things are to be noted:

  • This feature is available in English in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada.

  • Your phone must be running Android version M+.

At the same time, if not a Google Home user, you ought to be boggled with the news. And, might be wondering how could a “smart assistance speaker” that was launched an year before doesn’t cater an option to “set reminders”, sustained all these days. After all, reminders are one of the basic and simple feature that a digital assistances can perform.

Anyway, what ever may be the reason that took a long time for Google to add reminders on Google Home. It’s sure that, Google is day by day hard at work to isolate its Google Home from the competition. Since, recently included features such as voice calling in the US and Canada, user-definable shortcuts, and automatic audio ducking on casted content when responding to questions are all Google’s strategy to perfect the Smart Speaker.



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