Now Get Google Nexus 5 In Yellow Color


Google has been pretty bust with the ongoing Google I/O but that has not stopped them from working out their updates and advancements. And another advancement within Google has been that Google recently made the Nexus 5 available in yellow color. At Google’s website for Android phones and tablets, the Nexus 5 is now being listed in 4 colors: white, black, red and the newly added yellow color. But if you really want to get the Nexus 5 in yellow, you’ll have to be a little patient as the yellow variant of the Nexus 5 is not yet available on Google Play Store. The yellow color is just listed in the description of the Nexus 5 device on Google’s device.


It is however yet unclear which shade of yellow is the Nexus 5 going to be out in. A bright yellow cover available for  Nexus 5 on Google Play Store makes us think that this indeed will also be the color of the upcoming yellow Nexus 5.