Now Get A LG G3 For Just $100


The Day has finally arrived when the much awaited LG G3 is finally available in the United States. All four carriers are offering the smartphone. While Verizon made the device available (July 12th), T-Mobile will begin selling the device from July 16th. AT&T and Sprint already have the device on sale.

LG G3 Verizon

But thats not all this article is about. If you’re planning to get your hands on a G3, we have a deal that might just grab your attention. Instead of grabbing a unit directly from your carrier you might want to head over to Best Buy which is offering the device for half its usual price, i.e. $100. AT&T and Sprint variants of the G3 are being shipped right away while you can pre-order it for Verizon. T-Mobile customers are a little unlucky.

And thats not all, Best Buy was offering the device for as low as $50. All you had to do was reserve your phone through an e-mail but we’re afraid the offer was valid only till July 11th. But nevertheless, you’re still getting the G3 for half its usual price.So rush to a Bust Buy store near you before the offer expires.

For Worldwide Availability and other LG G3 news check our Dedicated portal for it.



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