restore lithium batteries

A new tech has been discovered, allowing you to restore old lithium batteries. Yes, that’s true what you are reading above, now you can restore your old lithium powered batteries with a new invention. Currently, the invention is in testing phases and it has already gathered a lot of attention from companies like Apple, Samsung and Panasonic.

restore lithium batteries

As we all know, Lithium battery becomes unusable after some finite number of recharge cycles. The battery cells gets damaged or dead after charging the battery again and again. The battery starts degrading even after its first recharge, giving a full flow after the few number of recharge cycles. This leads to battery damage and replacement again and again.

There are millions of devices using these devices, and it gives a great impact on environment in creating and destroying these batteries. If the new ttech gets into business, it will not only save the device performance, it will also endeavours the life of a whole smart device. It will lead us to new possibilities with less environmental degradation. Eventually, it will save our money and will not burn a hole in our pockets.

Tech Explained: How to restore lithium batteries ?


The new invention is invented by a researcher Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. He showcased the technology at the International battery Seminar last year, where he got appreciation and companies like Apple, Samsung and Panasonic are paying heed to it.

How does it works?

The lithium battery restore technology works by adding third electrode between the already present two poles. The additional or newly added electrode will remove residual lithium icons from on of the poles. When, the residue will be removed, it will be free to recharge again. As the residue is the only problem which disallow the battery from charging again and again.

Tests and Results

As per the researcher, he has tested it in a smartphone battery last year by using the new invention.


Well, if it becomes full proof, then it will save billion of dollars and will save from environmental degradation. It will give a very good impact on environment. It will lead to much better performance, stability and pocket friendly devices.


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