xiaomi mi vr standalone

Oculus Go has made an entry into the Chinese market with the launch of the Xiaomi powered Mi VR Standalone. Well, that seems confusing, but yes it is true. Mi VR Standalone which is similarly designed and powers exactly same specs are manufactured by both Oculus and Xiaomi for customers in China.

xiaomi mi vr standalone

Oculus has said that they have partnered with Xiaomi and they will sell the MI VR Standalone in China. On the other hand, Oculus Go will remain available for rest of the world for $200.

Additionally, Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone packs same specs of Snapdragon 821 with dual 2K displays in the headset. You not need any external phone or any other thing to watch content in it. As name suggests, it packs all the things in it, which will allow you to enjoy the VR experience without any external compatibility.

Further, Mi VR Standalone packs Motion controller, audio jack. It have dual SDK support for both Oculus VR and Mi VR platform. It means you can enjoy content like games and others from both the platforms seamlessly.

The pricing details are not yet put for Mi VR Standalone. It is expected to be little less than the $200 for the Oculus Go.

How many of you have started waiting for it in other markets where it Oculus Go is not yet available?


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