If you’ve been an HTC Thunderbolt user patiently waiting for your turn to go at it with Gingerbread well, tonight might be your night. Or not, depending how you look it. Build number 2.07.605.0 was recently leaked for the Tbolt and although this will not be the final Verizon build, it is an official build from HTC (unlike all those test builds leaked in the past). While we can’t guarantee that updating to this version will allow you to update the final Verizon, if you feel like you’ve had enough of Froyo the instructions on updating are easy peasy.
For download links hit up the source below. Remember, Phandroid will not be held responsible for you bricking your device if something goes wrong. Even if you decide to pass on this update, it’s nice to know that we’re a least a few builds closer to that official OTA update from Verizon, isn’t it?
Thanks, Jeffery!
[Via TheMikMik]


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