Most of the Android OEMs provide the facility for the users to download their device specific firmwares. For that they used to set up dedicated ROM download section from where the customers can avail the firmwares ever released for their devices in case of emergency or whenever the need. But, what if the company has decided to shut down the page for internal system upgrade that takes longer than couple of weeks to finish?

Obviously, the users ought to get irked by maintenances that last longer than what they can imagine. Exactly the same situation is prevailing over the MiUI users due to the abrupt shut down of MiUI ROM download section since the last 7th June. Unfortunately, even after a long 2 weeks of maintenance the page is still offline and no sign of its return.

Although Xiaomi had confirmed that the page will be back online again in the near future, users are not completely satisfied with that. Moreover, the section still lying offline has perplexed certain users pushing them to think that the service may see a permanent shut for the sake of OTA only updates. Just like how Huawei had pulled the EMUI download section a little while ago. But, here in this case it’s unlikely to happen as Xiaomi has clearly mentioned it a temporary shut-down.

That said, let us hope to see the ROM download section back in action soon without further testing the all boundaries of patience of the Mi users. Meanwhile, if you’re in very badly need of a Mi ROM for recovering your bootlooped or malfunctioning device. We’d recommend you to Google in search of other Mirror links of your firmware. Most probably you’d find, at least one fastboot or OTA ROM file that are re-uploaded by Mi community or users to other servers such as AFH.


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