Amazon has just released the Kindle Fire just two weeks ago, has sold over 95,000 units in day one only. You would think that they’ll have a smooth ride but it didn’t take long for them to get hit with a lawsuit from patent licensing company Acacia Research which is basically a patent troll and make a living on suing others.
Acacia Research Crop. claims that the Kindle Fire infringes U.S. Patent 6,956,562 which is related to the act of hitting or tapping an icon make the tablet perform a specific action. The patent licensing company also added that the Kindle Fire encroaches the “System And Method For Displaying And Manipulating Multiple Calendars On A Personal Digital Assistant” patent as well as three additional ones. We haven’t heard anything from Amazon about this matter and here’s to hoping a reform of the patent system is in the works because this becoming a bit ridiculous.
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