oil rush 3d

oil rush 3d

Oil Rush 3D, a game with extensive campaign and amazing graphics heading for Android ecosystem in February. Unigine developers today rolled out its full fledged announcement sheet. The game is like an RTS with a unique take on a war for resources, as you battle against foes for control of oil in an alternate future reminiscent of the Kevin Costner movie, Waterworld.

Oil Rush 3D is strategy game with 3D graphics of superior quality never before available on mobile devices. There are also Unique and varied environments namely the twilit Antarctic, flooded jungles, sunken cities, Asian villages, great canyons, ruined industrial zones, and more. You can battle furious enemies and can attack them.

Oil Rush 3D is fully compatible with both Android Smartphones and Tablets. There are also different game types(capture-’em-all, save-the-hero, tower defense, survival, oil retrieval, rescue, defeat-the-boss, and more) to ensure full entertainment. in battles or missions you can defend and attack with multi level upgrade options. Oil Rush 3D looks to be real time as campaigns longer than 8-10 hours are also in the game. Game delivers 15 quick game maps with three gaming opponents. There are also 18 music tracks delivering unique fusion of heavy industrial groove.

Denis Shergin, CEO of UNIGINE Corp. said, “Oil Rush is an exciting development because not only we provide a game that, I’d say, approved for the hardcore audience, but also because we expand the popular strategy genre to the Android market.”

It will run on Android mobile devices powered by the latest Snapdragon S4 chips (MSM8960, APQ8064 and MPQ8064). Here’s impressive gameplay video watchout:

So you need to wait as its going to launch in February.

Via: UniGine


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