OLPC ( href=”http://www.laptop.org/” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”One Laptop Per Child”>One Laptop Per Child) will have an interesting tablet at this year’s href=”http://www.cesweb.org/” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Consumer Electronics Show”>CES, and is said to start off at $100. The tablet, named XO 3.0, is 8 inches with a resolution of 1024×768. The actual screen type will vary depending on how it is configured upon purchase; a href=”http://www.pixelqi.com/” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”PixelQi”>PixelQi display will run you ~$100 over the original starting price and standard LCD screen.

Although, I highly recommend investing into PixelQi technology. Their displays don’t just save battery life, they are extremely easy to read in sunlight – which has been an ongoing issue in standard LCD screens. However, you should be able to charge the XO 3.0 on the go with a hand crank or solar panel!
It may be tough to actually purchase one of OLPC’s laptops because they will primarily sell them to countries in bulk. But I have a feeling there will be many more tablets with a $100.00 price tag during CES next week, so it will be interesting to see how they all compare. The XO 3.0 could come out the clear winner – but I’m not sure it’s fair to compare OLPC to other manufacturers, as they claim to be doing this for the kids of the world – and not themselves.
[via The Verge]


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