One Plus One Pre-Order to be Live in October


OnePlus One is a great device, and due to it’s branding was named as the “flagship killer” but some things by the company have not been in place. Like the invite system was really a failed attempt to distribute the smartphone. Many have made it on hold, and did not purchase the device yet.

One Plus One Pre-Order to be Live in October

But if you had plans, and still stick to those, may be you could buy the device next month, as OnePlus is getting a new pre-order booking system. The system would be launched in late October, as the company finally did realize the loopholes, and the dissatisfaction the costumers had. Now according to the new system, OnePlus will hold a sale for a limited period of time, and during that everyone would be bale to purchase the device, or place the order.

And of course the device put on sale would be limited, and would be distributed within the users, who ordered the device during the time period. Also more information would be made public maybe a week before the system goes live.



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