OnePlus 2 Price Reduced, More Valentine’s Goodies on Its Way



Valentine’s here and this time many manufacturers are offering discounts on their devices. Right now OnePlus has decreased the OnePlus 2 price and also offering various discounts on its accessories. OnePlus is offering rebated to the users who have recently purchased OnePlus 2 device. Further they are offering free shipping on the devices or accessories of $100 or above.

Free shipping threshold for all currencies:

  • CAD: 150
  • EUR: 100
  • CZK: 2500
  • DKK: 700
  • HUF: 30000
  • PLN: 400
  • SEK: 850
  • GBP: 60
  • HKD: 800

The OnePlus 2 now has a price modification of $349, forever. Devices will receive a free StyleSwap Cover or OnePlus X Case. Additionally anyone who purchased the OnePlus 2 within the last fifteen (15) days, will be seeing a refund in price ($40, or the equivalent in your currency) difference coming their way. Keep an eye on your inbox for more details.

So guys head over to the OnePlus Store and avail the discounts.