OnePlus 5 is here and we got know that it packs Snapdragon 835 with 6 and 8 GB RAM options. Further, there’s a huge potential in its dual camera which have 16+20 MP camera. There’s huge improvement in the camera of OP5 as said by the company.

Well, you can see above the design of the new OnePlus 5, with it’s small bezels. It looks pretty different from its old series of devices.

It is much sleek than older devices and is the first one to hold dual camera.

It packs USB C with speaker grills on the bottom. There’s a small design artifact on top side of the device.

Further, if we see it from front side, it seems little similar to the OnePlus 3T.

It seems quite interesting, now users have to decide they have to buy this new beauty from OnePlus or not.

Enjoy images!!


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