OnePlus 5T launch venue teased by company ahead of release


It’s no longer news that the OnePlus 5T is coming. The Chinese startup has given many hints on Twitter which makes it obvious that it is in the pipeline. It’s still unknown when the phone will release. But here is a new official announcement that signals it is very close.

OnePlus yesterday tweeted on its account that the OnePlus 5T will be unveiled at a mystery location. The tweet has a shot of an area and urges fans to tune in and guess which city it will be. Needless to say, there were a lot of responses. Major consensus seems to be West 34th Street and Broadway – in Manhattan, New York.

OnePlus has recently also confirmed recently that the handset will be called OnePlus 5T and it will come with a headphone jack. We’ve already seen a lot of images of the handset, and by the way, if you still don’t know, just look at the Oppo R11s. The OnePlus 5T will be strikingly similar to it, at least in appearance.

In hardware though, it is expected to be a beast just like the OnePlus 5. Latest speculation is that the OnePlus 5T should start selling by the end of November itself.


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