OnePlus is launching another flagship device, as like they have been doing from the Past couple of years. The ‘T’ version of the respective flagship gets launched in the last quarter of every year. This time OnePlus 5T is rumored to take place of the OnepLus 5 as the flagship device for next 6 months.

alleged oneplus 5t
Alleged OnePlus 5T

Already,there have been many rumors that have been floating from the past few weeks. Today, in addition to them we have got some specs leak via an alleged render. The above render has been spotted on Weibo where we can see slight changes in the device design.

Talking in detail, we can easily see that the fingerprint sensor has been moved on the back. This is happening for the first time, if it is true, to the OnePlus device that the fingerprint has been moved to the back side. Well, as you can see, there’s a reason behind this shuffling of fingerprint sensor’s position.

oppo r11s
Oppo R11s

In actual, OnePlus 5T is rumored to carry the full screen front side as like of other devices that are present in the market. The rumors are getting verified on the basis basis by the uncounted rumors and leaks. Similarly, today it has happened again and we can see the change in the image above.

It is looking same as that of theĀ Oppo R11s which is an upcoming beast from the Oppo. Even, earlier we have reported the rumor regarding the resemblance of upcoming OnePlus 5T to Oppo R11s.


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