OnePlus 5T teaser flaunts backside but where’s the fingerprint?

OnePlus claims the 5T to be a tacked up version of OnePlus 5.


Well well, November is upon us and it’s the time for OnePlus 5T to be in the limelight. And as a proclamation of its arrival, OnePlus has now teased a first glimpse of the device. In fact, the teaser posted by OnePlus over its official Twitter channel reveals the backside design of the OnePlus 5’s successor. Here’s the OnePlus 5T teaser:

The official post contains a tweet that says “5Tacked”. Which means OnePlus 5T is not just a name change and there’s a lot of changes to be expected compared to its predecessor. However, since the above description is from the house of OnePlus. It’d be illogical to wonder about the upgradation, until and unless they reveal the unique features of the 5T. Recent leaks suggested that the 5T could flaunt a nearly bezel-less display with 18:9 aspect ratio.

No Fingerprint Scanner On The Back!

If you’re among those who believed the recent leaks and renders that consolidated bezel-less display of the upcoming 5T. We reckon, you’d be boggled with the latest teaser. Yeah, there is no fingerprint scanner to be seen on the pic. Then, where’s the actual location of the fingerprint sensor? Currently, the solution for it’s to wait for the company to officially unveil the device.

We could expect OnePlus to rise the curtain from the OnePlus 5T most probably in late November or sooner.


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