OnePlus will be unveiling the OnePlu 6 next week. But, the company can’t keep themselves from teasing the phone. Anyways, this is how OnePlus creates hype for every new device. Recently, the company’s official Twitter handle confirmed the slow motion video recording feature on the OnePlus 6. On the other hand, Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan mistakenly tweeted a picture of himself and Pete Lau using two different colors of OnePlus 6.


Slow-motion Video Recording Feature

Talking about slow-motion video recording, it is not an innovative new feature on the smartphones. It has been available on smartphones for a long time. But, the new 960fps slow-motion video recording capability is making headlines due to Samsung’s Galaxy S9. However, it is not Samsung who introduced it first, it was actually Sony with their 2017 Xperia XZ Premium. But, they never advertised the feature as Samsung is doing right now.

We all know that Apple and Samsung are driving factors for almost all other smartphone OEM especially Chinese. Because they tend to copy them or sometimes even improve them(rarely). That’s what OnePlus is doing right now with their OnePlus 6 as it is supposed to arrive with 960fp super slow motion video recording feature.

Two Color Options


Though the above one was official from OnePlus, this one is kind of same but it’s not. Because the above-pictured image of Amitabh Bachchan and Pete Lau using the black and white color of OnePlus was not meant to be tweeted at this time of the week. The picture was taken down and was soon replaced with another one.

As you can see from the picture(the black colored one), OnePlus 6 will definitely have the glass back design as confirmed by the company. But, the white one does not seem to feature a glass back as it is not glossy at all. Maybe, it’s a Sandstone White edition(fingers crossed).

Anyways, we will come to know all about the OnePlus 6 once it gets official on May 16 next week. Until then, do let us know your thoughts on the OnePlus 6 in the comment section below.


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