Are you looking ways to secure your OnePlus 6T full view display with glass or screen protector? Then you should know that the on-screen fingerprint sensor might not work with it. But now OnePlus has officially launched a new screen glass protector which can flawlessly work with the on-screen fingerprint sensor also.

oneplus 6t screen protector

These new in-screen sensors use an optical sensor to recognize a fingerprint, it means anything in between can act as an obstruction which may lead to inappropriate output. Majorly, it won’t give you correct output leading to an unauthenticated access for your device. So, you will struggle to use your phone’s on-screen fingerprint sensor.

In order to rectify the issue, OnePlus has put a special OnePlus 6T screen protector which doesn’t infer your interaction with the on-screen fingerprint. As an extra advantage of more secureness due to its thickness, the glass screen protector will make your display more reliable to sudden mishappening.

Users can buy this new launched OnePlus 6T tempered glass protector around the globe for $21. It also offers extra protection due to edge-to-edge CNC engraving and a fused design. In order to effectively use the fingerprint, you should re-scan your fingerprints.

Interested users can head over to the OnePlus website to own the new screen protector.



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