OnePlus is coming with an OTA update to fix the some issues of its New Flagship Device


OnePlus 3 is the perfect flagship killer but it had some issues with RAM management. So now the good news is that an OTA update is starts hitting the some Early buyers of the phone. The update comes with the build (version 3.1.4 of Oxygen OS) which addresses the main issues that some people raised about the device: the inaccurate display and the questionable RAM management rules of the OnePlus 3.

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Anyhow OnePlus confirms that this update will be out soon for all the consumers once it is tested properly. Other then the Display and Ram Management the update brings some other unspecified optimizations.

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Adam Krisko, community manager for OnePlus, shared a couple images that show what you can expect in terms of color rendition. The less saturated sRGB mode is on the left, default mode is on the right.

Oneplus Special OTA updateoneplus-3-color-management-2-840x630


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