OnePlus issues an update to 3/3T that fixes the lethal Blueborne issue


The OnePlus 3T/3 are getting an important update that patches the Blueborne vulnerability. The update is for the open beta version of Oxygen OS, OnePlus announced. The update is relatively small weighing just 84 MB and should be available to other devices soon. Other than that, the new OTA has a new boot animation and a soft screen calibration which can be toggled in the Display/screen calibration setting menu.

Blueborn made the headlines a few days ago when it was discovered that it could exploit all Bluetooth equipped devices. What made the bug lethal was that it could be used by hackers without any required action from the victim device. The only thing a hacker would need to do was to get in close proximity to the device and have the right tools and boom! You wouldn’t even know what hit you. Needless to say, every handset these days comes with a Bluetooth. Moreover, Blueborne is airborne. It doesn’t need the bluetooth to be discoverable. However, devices using Bluetooth Low Energy are an exception as they can’t be exploited

Just reading the details gives us the jitters. Its good OnePlus has finally fixed the security issue. The new update does not contain the September Security patch that Google has rolled out to Pixels this month along with the Blueborne fix. So, we guess, that will arrive separately.

Source: OnePlus


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