oneplus one

OnePlus made an entry into the India market a month ago but due to CyanogenMod usage rights in India, it has to go through a ban. Now, the ban has been lifted and it is again available in India for sale.

oneplus one

In detail it is a temporary lift from the ban, it does not fully overcome the problems for the OnePlus team and its customers. Delhi High Court on Wednesday lifted the December 16 ban on sale of OnePlus handsets embedded with Cyanogen software and asked its single judge who had passed the earlier order, to hear the case afresh two weeks from now.

One phones sold in India can’t get future CyanogenMod updates due to Cyanogen’s deal with Micromax. So let’s see what happens on January 7th, next hearing date from Delhi High COurt.

So how many of you own OnePlus One?


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