OnePlus One, a beast device out there for a low price shocked the world with great gesture. OnePlus is a new company which is trying to hold their foot in the smartphone market. The plan Oneplus chose is right and they are now a well known company in the market in short span and one device. But their marketing strategies and Invite Only function has disappointed users.


Well, coming onto the Wooden Cover, Today on their Official G+ page OnePlus unveiled a teaser (seen above) which lists the date 7.22 (July 22nd) and says “Knock on wood” on a background made to look like wood. So it is correctly hinting towards the back wooden covers for the device.

There might be other things also. As if they make it globally available but it seems to be foggy as currently company is struggling to provide invites only orders. You know how many delays are caused in the production side then security issues and other things also. It would be amazing if they increase the invites size. So that now another fleet of users can get hold on devices.

We can only guess until any official announcement happens on July 22. What do you think?


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