Smartphone manufacturers quite often throw jabs at each other to prove themselves better or as to degrade their rivals. Well, that being a part of marketing strategy is on the other hand, evidence of stiff competition prevailing on ever expanding smartphone industry. Similarly but not exactly, OnePlus has newly released an ad basically to flaunt the OnePlus 5T camera capability compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

oneplus hacked website

Well, the objective of video ad mainly being to popularize the image stabilization power of OnePlus 5T. Or else, an attempt to rebuke or outclass the Samsung Galaxy S8, perhaps is now popular for all the wrong reasons. The obnoxious and illogical contents displayed in the video ad have now gathered lots of negative reviews across the web.

Those who haven’t seen the visuals of ad yet, the video of nearly 1 min in duration features a man being held hostage by OnePlus. Awkwardly enough, the guinea pig(man) is seen to have worn a Lady Gaga-inspired meat suit for a possibly lethal wild “dog test”. Nevertheless, you can watch the full video below to see how unappealing and disgusting the ad is.

By all these that should haven’t happen to OnePlus, the firm might have now realized the importance of clean advertising. Just like how Samsung has did with its critically acclaimed award winning Ostrich ad.


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