OnePlus shows the OnePlus 5T Cactus test in new ad


OnePlus has just published a new ad for the promotion of the recently launched OnePlus 5T. The new ad shows the Cactus test on the OnePlus 5T. In detail it seems to be disturbing smartphone ad in which nothing shows the actual capabilities of the device. Well, this kind of video is here for the first time from a Official OEM’s channel on YouTube.

The comparison video of OnePlus 5T with other device is official on OnePlus YouTube channel. Well, this sounds little odd, as usually some YouTubers do these unofficial comparison. This time OnePlus has pulled itself into the comparison video by posting this new video.

Well, The ‘Smart Test’ video is depicting the respoviness and speed of the OnePlus 5 T. It seems OnePlus has also created some more videos like this and will come up in near future.

Overall, OnePlus tried to show off the single aspect of the device in the video. The theory of OnePlus comparing single aspect with other device seems to be little awkward. If they are comparing then they might compare it with full features of the other device.

This even looks odd, when OnePlus already facing problems like credit card theft on its website. We hope to get much better comparison of devices in the future from OnePlus.


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