OnePlus Dash Charge rebranding

OnePlus has de facto the world’s fastest charging commercially available devices on its arsenal. Popularly, the fast charging technology employed in OnePlus devices, as you very well know, is nicknamed as Dash Charging. But in gone days, an unusual behavior from the firm has been caught under the notice of tech watch-dogs. That is, the firm has been avoiding the term Dash Charge while marketing its product. Now, a trademark filed from OnePlus suggests the Dash Charge term might be phased out in favor of “Warp Charge“.

OnePlus has recently filed a trademark in the EU for the branding “Warp Charge”. Literally indicates that OnePlus has made up its mind on “Warp Charge” as the plausible rebrand of the renowned Dash Charge.

In case if you’re wondering what might be the reason for OnePlus to ditch the quite household terminology – Dash Charge. Well, it’s so because of the unfortunate rejection of the “Dash Charge” trademark application in the EU filed by OnePlus a long ago. It’s said that, OnePlus’s “Dash Charge” was pronounced to be coinciding with the existing similar trademark such as to Bragi’s “The Dash Pro” and Amazon’s “Dash Replenishment”. Hence, OnePlus couldn’t make it up to the “Dash Charge” trademark in the EU.

Anyway, the application status for Warp Charge trademark is still “under examination” by the EU authorities. So, until and unless the Trademark authority waves a green flag, we wouldn’t be able to see any OnePlus chargers under the new Warp Charge branding on the market.



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